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Welcome to the Farm, welcome to the land, welcome to O Terroir dos Pardaos. The Finca is situated in the middle of Galicia, an hour away from Santiago de Compostela. Organic vegetables are grown on the farm and an olive grove awaits you. You can adopt your olive tree, pick your vegetables, share ideas and very soon the olive trees will produce high quality organic olive oil for you.

Olive Grove

Adopt an Olive Tree

Adopt an olive tree in the middle of beautiful Galicia.

The olive trees were planted in 2014, 8 years ago. Although they are still young they are growing strongly. At the moment the trees are more burried in the Galician jungle. By adopting an olive tree you help to clean the abandond olive grove and support the finca O Terroir dos Pardaos to mature. Then the olive trees will produce high quality organic oil for you.

As a thank you for your adoption you will receive a picture of your olive tree, an adoption certificate as well as two 0,5 liter bottles of high quality extra virgin organic olive oil. You can also visit the farm and your tree at any time.

The Finca

O Terroir dos Pardaos

The farm is a place you can visit – whilst you see the plants growing and discuess ideas with Farmer Ivan the little sparrow – you can, for example pick and taste an authentic Galician raised tomato. Come to see the olive grove mature, harvest your vegetables and experience the unique taste. O Terroir dos Pardaos = the land of the sparrows welcomes you.


Natural and Sustainable.

Fresh & Healthy

From the Farm to you.

100% Organic

Decide to make a difference.

Impressions of the Farm