The Farm

The farm is a piece of paradise where you can listen to the whisper of nature, visit the farm, see the vegetables grow and the olive grove mature. Immerse  yourself in the experience and the life style of farming.

Natural and Sustainable

Ivan’s parents bought the land and the old finca in the 1960’s. Before this the land had different tenants who grew grapes. Ivan’s family also cultivated grapes and sold the wine in their bar in Ourense. Ivan’s father died in 2000 and the farm was left abandoned for several years. At the end of 2011 Ivan decided to take over the farm, with the dream of growing olive trees and producing high quality organic olive oil in a natural and sustainable way.

The finca has 5 hectares of land in total with 2,5 hectares of olive trees situated on 14 hillside terrasses running north to south. The garden consists of around 2000 meters (half a football pitch) with 64 terraces where vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce, leeks, beans and various other vegetabeles grow. No chemical additives are used. The vegetables are pure organic products.

Impressions of the Farm


Natural bio products.

Fresh & Healthy

From the farm to you.

100% Organic

Decide to make a difference.



The farm has six vegetable gardens each with their own characteristics to grow each vegetable in the environment it needs and to cultivate it in a sustainable way. No chemical fertilizer is used and all the work is done manually. This you can taste in the vegetables: fresh, healthy and sustainable.  Tomatoes, peppers, different types of cabbage, zuchini, aubergine and others all grow on the land as well as a lot of aromatic plants and flowers to help the vegetables grow. Every year a new vegetable type is added and cultivated. The products are sold locally to restaurants and shops in Galicia. If you are interested in trying or buying the products? Contact us.


Olive Trees

The land also has an olive grove with 14 terraces which need to be revitalized. The project “adopt an olive” tree started this year with the aim to clean the whole grove and to replant and move olive trees as well as to cultivate the authentic Galician olive variety. With your adoption of a tree you help to carry out this project so that in the end a high quality extra virgin organic olive oil will be the outcome. Healthy, fresh, special with a unique taste.