Behind the Scene

Since 1967 the farm has been in the hands of my family, the family Fernandez Lopez and I am Ivan and I run the farm now, with Asia and a lot of helping hands from willing volunteers, who stay on the farm and help to cultivate the land.

Asia - the secret queen of the farm

Asia is a very independent, loyal and special dog. The secret boss and queen of the farm, she takes care of O Terroir dos Pardaos and she protects it from unknown visitors and tries to drive away the wild pigs, so they don’t destroy the garden. She loves food, snacks and walks. Woof.


Ivan - owner of the farm

” I am Ivan, my story begins beautifully as I used to come to this farm with my grandfather and father and I enjoyed learning about wine, oil as well as farming. I studied a lot and came back to bring  my knowledge and quality to the family business. However the truth is somewhat different. As a child I only came to the farm with my father (Pardao), I really wanted to play football with my friends on the streets in the city. But my father loved the finca and enjoyed working there very much. So, he tried to teach me all about farming and that I learned something of everything. But I spent my days walking or sitting angrily in a corner.
When I was 19, my father passed away … The years also passed, the farm was abandond there and when I was 30 the Spanish economic crisis hit and I faced an uncertain future. I do not know how I came to this conclusion, but I wanted to and I was going to take over the farm and I had my dreams of how this place would be. But I was still not sure if it was a good decision … mainly because when I started I didn’t know much about agriculture or agro ecology, which was the same as olive trees and grapes …. Over time the business did not grow as expected but my knowledge of how to be a farmer, as well as my love for this place grew day by day. I just like to spend my time on the farm, with Asia my dog, work in the field, see the vegetables growing and try lots of new ideas. Along the way the olive grove got a little bit left behind because I put all of my focus and energy into the vegetable garden. But the trees are still there even if they are lost in the forest. After the years on the farm, I now believe that my knowledge has matured and it is enough to take care of everything. My intention is now to recover the trees and build the paradise that I had in mind in my initial plan but with all of the experiences and the love that I have learned.”

Susanne - the Maker

“I am Susanne and I went to Spain to learn surfing and Spanish and I ended up on Ivan’s farm where I worked for six weeks via Workaway. I got to know a lot about agriculture and planting. I like being out in nature a lot and the work in the fields is hard but rewarding. So I came back to Galicia to help on the farm again and to introduce some German style. But actually I learned more of the Spanish style…

The farm has an olive grove which is situated above the vegetable garden and therefore you see it all the time while you work. I could not forget the abandoned olive trees and so the idea of “adopt an olive tree” came to life. With the goal to help recover the olive trees and to bring the dream of a good quality extra virgin organic oil to life. And this is why I started to create this website with some helping hands.”

Impressions of the Farm