At the Mill

Let’s go to Quiroga where the mill is, it is already late and I arrive there at 20:00, more or less 100 kilometer from the farm. A bit tricky the navi wants to send me on the final kilometers over a very pumpy path to the destination. I ignore the instruction: please turn, please turn…

Once there: a big row of people, not clear for me who is just watching how the olive oil is pressed, who is in the cue and who is responsible. I asked: “Who is the boss here.” They send me inside, there is a nice elderly man, the former boss. He tells me he is done for today and I need to learn gallego. 😉 The other man there is very busy.

So I watch for a while what is going on and how the olive oil is pressed and the different steps in the process of the production. The machines are really very noisy, but you can see the golden olive oil. Que bien!

Finally I organise the other man to give me the baskets, so I can start to fill our olives. Than the owner appeares: “You are here with them, no?”

“No. I also have own olives”. Now it goes, the olives up into the baskets and on the pallet. Than they are weighed and very important with the sign pressed individually. Ya esta, done: the mission for today. The mill will call when the extra virgin olive oil is ready probably tomorrow and we can pick it up or they deliver it to Ourense… Another exiting day is finishing.